Should I upgrade ME to 2000?

Wondering if I should upgrade Win ME to 2000 or should I format the PC and install 2000 that way?

I've heard that Windows Me to Windows 2000 Upgrade Is Not Supported by Microsoft.

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  1. Well if you have a Win2K full installation disk you don't need to upgrade just save the files from WinME to CD or whatever you have to save files on and install Win2K from scratch using the NTFS file system, then transfer the files to Win2K.

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  2. Any upgrades from ME will result in a working but screwed up os, you will want to do a clean install.

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  3. i advise burning the hard drive that had windows ME on it.

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  4. That would make a nice clean format for ya :)
    Formatting with a hammer also works well for removing ME, lol.

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  5. Whazap wiz ziz peeplez? I am a loyal and faithfool uzir of ME since it came out. Never had any prablemas that peeplez are talking about. Prezent install was done 9 months ago (actually ghosted from AMD to Intel and updated drivers), did not see blue screen yet. Are you too dumb to get along with something made for kidz?

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