Final Fantasy 14 install error

Hi Guys,

So I recently built my PC (i5, gtx 460, 4gig ram, etc etc) and i am currently running windows 7.

When i install ff14 using the dvd, it goes 6gigs in, and then my pc auto-restarts.

does anyone know wat this issue is, i tried it 3 times. (just want to add that there is no error message/screen, just instant reboot)

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  1. So I tried installing CIV5, it crashed also. BUT, then i tried installing it into the other "Program Files" diretory (not the x86 one) and it didn't crash.

    Then I tried installing FF14 again to this other Program Files diretory but it crashed again.

    So I'm thinking its either a random crash because FF14 only went 2.1 gigs in before crashing this time rather than 6.1 gigs in like initial time.

    Or it has something to do with the hard drive. I tried running scan disk but once it got to 5/5 the final phase would of taken 2days as it was 200+million sectors and it took like 1 hour to reach 1million. I am currently using a 1TB 6gb/s WD hard drive.

    So basically
    -I have installed Star Craft 2 successfully and CIV 5 successfully (on 2nd try on diff file directory)
    -Final Fantasy 14 installer crashes at random points during installation (sometimes early in the install sometimes near the end)
    -Have a feeling it "might" be the hard drive but other than this installation, I have yet to experience any major issue for it.
    -I used windows 7 event viewer and all it says is "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

  2. hello liljenny,

    i actually found out that all i needed was to update my bios for my motherboard.

    it turns out my motherboard wasn't fully compatible with 6gb/s hd's until recent update.

    so for anyone in future with P7P55D-E LX Asus mother board and have issues installing games, just update your bios.
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