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Great FPS games...

Hi all,
Please increase the following list for great FPS games(single player). The ones I have played or will be playing are mentioned below: :)

If you want to write down something that you liked about any specific game please do so by writing a line in front of the games name. :D

Deus Ex: I love it for the freedom of choices the player gets and also the music and conspiracy involving aliens.

Half-Life2: For the beauty of its visuals. just absolutely stunning.

Farcry: Beautiful Islands. foes from hell. :D

Return to Castle Wolfenstein : The background score. super soldiers. I liked this a lot and have played it a lot too. I find farcry to follow its footsteps in terms of gameplay though the latter is open ended sorts of.

Syberia: For its beautiful 3D rendered background images and gripping storyline.

Prisoner Of War: For its intense atmosphere of tension.hmm i liked it.

Call of Duty: A nice historic FPS.
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  1. Duke Nukem 3D - Come get some! In fact, you can now play this as a windows program with better hi-res graphics now. Awesome! You can get the info here ->

    Doom - How can this NOT be put on here?
  2. Half-Life: For its movie like gameplay and lengthy single player campaign. I still have to play its second half,I could just complete it till half. I guess Life is left. :D
  3. Syberia and POW are exceptions, :D sry they are not FPSs. I think you all can contribute with just great games,games you like be it FPS,TPS , RPG, SSG or MMOG. :)
  4. Red Faction, I loved blowing up craters in a wall and getting around parts of the map.

    Battlefield Bad Company 2, one of the greatest multiplayer fps games out right now and I'm sure it'll remain in my top 10 fps games. Having a rocket "whiiiiiiz" apast your head is a blast with how much the game feels like a movie.
  5. I have played a bunch of FPS games, but one that sticks out in my head is

    Serious Sam - Both games were great, and there were always dozens upon dozens of guys coming at you from all directions. I would be at the edge of my seat, freaking out! And who doesn't love a cannonball gun?!
  6. yup...canonball clearing the field in one go. :D. I have played RedFaction too, I liked it for there is a sequence involving operating a tank like vehicle.great.

    Sniper Elite: Though its a sniper game but its bullet sequences are great.
    Unreal Tournament 2004: The great rocket launcher , who can forget it.
  7. Team Fortress 2, Team Fortress 2, TF2, TF2... (there should be bouncing smiley ;)
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    anything else gamer friend.
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