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This list was pretty hard to come up with, and only a few have really any claim to their appellation.

1) Might and Magic VI ( This vies with X-COM: UFO Defense/Enemy Unknown as my hands down, no contest favorite game. )

2) X-COM: UFO Defense/Enemy Unknown ( see 1 )

3) FFVII ( The story was okay, the graphics were innovative, but I absolutely loved the materia system. First playstation game I bought - introduced me to the Final Fantasy series, of which I have now played I - IX and will play no more! )

4) FF Tactics ( Interesting story, vague, but intense. Highly under-rated )

5) Neverwinter Nights I ( Debatable, but this was actually the first Bioware game I played, so I thank it for introducing me to them - i've since played most of their games. )

6) Dragon Age: Origins ( First "modern engine" game I played after solely playing WoW for almost six years. )

7) Might and Magic VII ( Decent story, good music. )

8) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ( What can I say? Blue blur in green fields! )

9) Mass Effect I ( The space RPG/FPS idea is interesting. This game has a lot of faults, but it deserves reccomendation. )

10) World of Warcraft Vanilla ( Purely on the grounds for how much I played it, and my impression of it when I was new and MMOs weren't market monsters quite yet. I haven't logged in for several months, but you can look up my character on the armory if you so wish: Anraleth on the server Eitrigg. )

Hope you enjoyed reading! Care to share some of your experiences and opinions on games?
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  1. I totally left out Legend of the Dragoon, how could I ?!


    No one has any awesome games they would like to share?
  2. Deus Ex - my fav. game of all time. Such a deep and involving storyline with probably the closest to perfect FPS/RPG combination.

    Counter-Strike: Source - played the beta's for this game. Played it since it came out. I've got thousands of hours on this game, probably the best online shooter ever.

    Forza Motorsport 2/3 - *** ton of cars, even more upgrades and EVEN MORE in terms of livery customization! Plus it also had a great balance between realism and fun. I finished Forza 2 with 347 cars in my garage. I haven't finished Forza 3 yet (and I bought collectors edition on release day) but I think I have about 200 cars. There are now 500 to buy (with in game money)!

    Mafia I & II - The first game was underrated because people compared it to GTA3. Mafia I was better than GTA3. Mafia II was underrated because of lack of multiplayer. I hate it when I play a great game like these 2, tell my friends about it and all they ask about is multiplayer. Game developers don't make great singleplayer games like this anymore :(

    Half Life 1 & 2 - great singleplayer games and epic modding community. Especially HL1 for spawning some of the greatest game creations of all time.

    Command and Conquer series - especially Red Alert series, these are the games that got me into strategy games!

    That's all I can think of right now. I'm generally a hard to please gamer :P
  3. Deus Ex was amazing, I agree - though I only played it sporadically. I think they're coming out with a new one - yes?
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