Dead Dog Syndrome

Every once in a while my PC likes to just drop dead without the slightest warning as if I had just had a power cut. Not only am I unsure as to which component in the machine is causing this but buying extra gear simply to see if the problem goes away isn't an option for me.

P4 2.4GHZ HT
Gigabyte 8IPE1000 Pro2
Chaintech Nvidia MX4000
512MB DDR400
Seagate Barracuda 80GB x2
Asus 16x DVDROM
LG 48x24x48x CDRW
350W PSU

What components could cause this? It only popped up recently and how would I test them without purchasing addition items? I'm guessing M-Board or RAM. CPU and internal temps are fine, 36-40 for CPU under heavy load and tops 30 in the case itself.

All my other electronics from the same wall socket continue to run fine, with out an blips or dimming so it isn't a problem with the supply to the machine (Drawing a total of 800W from a 2400W rated socket).
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  1. Do you have the option of buying stuff and then returning it after you figure out the problem?

    Might not be the most ethical way to do it but it won't cost you anything. Alternatively you could pay someone to trouble shoot it.

    It's tough to troubleshoot without spare components.

    1. I'm not sure, but there might be a setting in your bios to automatically shutdown if the temps are off. Doesn't sound like you're overheating though.

    2. Faulty powersupply?

    3. Old surge protector?

    4. Faulty capacitors on your MB. Check to see if any of them are leaking or look burnt.

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