Thinkpad 600E -error msgs and cannot install XP

Hi, i've got some problems with the Thinkpad 600E notebook, CPU PII366, ram 128mb...
In BIOS in test menu when I choose to test Motherboard, it says these error messages:
dev 001
err 91
fru 3610

When I want to install windows XP or 2k on this notebook, the BSOD come in the part of instalating HW parts...

What should I do?

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  1. I did a little googling and it seems lots if not everyone is having that problem with the 600E. It appears that is IBMs Thinkpad flop. When you get those codes the mobo is most likely dead :(

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  2. I did too and I didn't find anything about that. It is strange that W98SE can be installed properly and WXP cannot be. I have already solved this problem by re-installing W98SE :)

    Thanks for helping.


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