Wierd black icons

Ok this is odd, all of a sudden my computer seems to have decided to display alot of the icons as black squares. Not all of them mind, but all of them under the programs, documents and settings menus and all the ones on the tool bar and all my favourites.

What is going on? Is this an ME problem or a video card problem or a video card driver problem?

I have a K6-2 500, Gigabyte main board, Eraser III TNT 2 Pro video card, 64mb Ram, all in an HP Pavillion box (I upgraded my HP Pavillion Pentium II 233.

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  1. I think Windows stores icon graphics in a single file, to speed up rendering on the Desktop.

    Sorry, can't remember the details of this. But I guess the file is corrupted and it's not a driver problem.
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