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Hey, all,

When looking at my music files from my PS3 via PS3 Media Server, my Buffalo Linkstation media server or Windows Media Player's server I can not scroll in to all of my folders. There seems to be a limit of to the number of folders that you can drill down, and I was hoping that someone can confirm this and tell me if there is a work-around.

An example of my issue would be that I can open the following folder:

\#MP3's#\Jah\Rock\Beatles\1969 - Abbey Road
\#MP3's#\Jah\Rock\John Lennon\Imagine (Remastered)

But I wouldn't be able to open this one:

\#MP3's#\Jah\Rock\Beatles\2010 - Remastered Box Set\1969 - Abbey Road
\#MP3's#\Jah\Rock\John Lennon\Working Class Hero\Disc 1

It seems that any album folder that I have that has an addt'l folder(s) like a multi-disc set (ie disc 1, disc 2, disc 3) I can not open. So is the limitation by character number or number of directories. If I look at all files, or I look by Artist or Album, I can get to the files, but when I look by folder, it's a no go and won't go in to the folder. Trying to copy the folder to get the files gives me an error that there are no audio files, but again, these exact files can be found via other listing methods on the same console and media server. A while back I looked all over the web for an answer to this, but with my new-found love of this site, I thought I'd bring my question here. Please let me know what you think.
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  1. Guess no one has run in to this issue? Should I be posting this elsewhere? I assumed console gaming was the best, since it is a PS3 issue...
  2. If there are any mods out there, go ahead and close this. Was able to get an answer from folks at the PS3 Forums. Here's the info, in case anyone was curious...

    Response - "Any file with in 8 folders/layers is readable by PS3MS normaly are there any folders before the MP3 folder."

    Me - "Thanks for the quick response! #MP3's# is the first folder within the media server. The Linkstation's "Media Folder" is \\LinkstationName\Data and from there is the MP3's folder. So, when I click on the Media Server from the XMB it gives me a list of options, from which I choose Folder so I can look at the folder structure, and then the MP3 folder. Hopefully that all makes sense. Thanks, again!"

    Response - "You are going to have to tell PS3MS which folder to start scanning at. because it seams like it's scanning at the linkstation connection as a layer instead of being aimed at the media folder on the linkstation which is why you can only go 5 folders in. Again unlike the common held idea it looks like your gong to have to configure PS3MS There should be a little box on one of the config screens that allows you to add folders for sharing navigate to the media folder and add it this should allow you to go 7 more layer from there. "
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