Split / Dual Screen with 2 keyboards / mouse possible?

I have my pc hooked up to my big screen in the living room and I'm wanting to play Everquest with my fiance but shes never played any game ever before so me being able to see her screen next to mine is a major plus.

Is it possible to do this? I found this (link below), which they claim works for left 4 dead, but could I apply the same process to work for EQ?

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  1. seems that they emulate a gamepad for a 2-player game
    (1st player uses the keyboard, 2nd player a gamepad)
    so i would say no...

    (I've been looking for a different method for a while now, but i cant get the program (schools only...), if i get it(legally ofcourse, so dont give me shady links...) and it works, i'll let you all know)
  2. Left 4 Dead has splitscreen functionality built in but you have to use a gamepad for 1 player. Honestly if you want 2 screens + 2 keyboards + 2 mice for a game like EQ, just put together a really cheap second system.
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