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I'm upgrading my computer, and I have entertained the idea of going for a Micro ATX mb and case. The immediate disadvantages, that I can see, are fewer PCI slots and most likely higher temperatures.

I'm looking at the Asus K8S Socket 754 for an AMD 64 bit, most likely a 3700+ ClawHammer. Most likely I'd be getting a third party fan for the CPU. I'd have an nVidia 5900.

Can anybody alert me to anymore immediate/crippling disadvantages?
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  1. Micro ATX cases suck to work in. Not enough Room.

    I would only consider a Micro ATX case if it absolutely HAS to be smaller.

    I'd start hacksawing bits off my desk so that a normal mid-tower will fit in/on/under it, before I'd resort to a Micro ATX system.

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  2. any special reason for wanting a mico-atx system?
  3. If space is a problem, I suggest an enlight model 7200 or foxconn model dt2100 desktop case (both about $50). They sit flat allowing you to place the monitor on top, and will take any standard atx motherboard or power supply. I use a 14cm power supply with mine to remove warm air around the cpu.
  4. If you could go Socket 939, there's a review of a good board at <A HREF="http://www.sysopt.com" target="_new">http://www.sysopt.com</A> using the nForce4 chipset.

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  5. <i>any special reason for wanting a mico-atx system?</i>

    Not really--desk space isn't really an issue. I was just looking for a new case, and when I found one I liked I noticed it was Micro ATX (http://www.xpcgear.com/emcs10068b.html). My system is all black, and that blue power light should look cool with the blue light on my Logitech speakers.

    So I just figured I'd do a little research on the forums first. From what I'm hearing so far, the only real disadvantage is that there is no room to work with inside the case, something that I don't mind coping with. My two remaining concerns are:
    a)Will my current ATX power supply work, and
    b)Will overclocking create too much heat in such a small space?

    *EDIT* just discovered that i'll need an SFX power supply

    You guys have been really helpful so far, thanks.

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  6. <i>If you could go Socket 939, there's a review of a good board at http://www.sysopt.com using the nForce4 chipset.

    I read the review and was pumped up to make the switch, but then I noticed it didn't have an AGP slot, and I don't have the money to spring for a new 939 CPU and a PCI Express video card. Thanks for the link though.

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  7. If you'd like s939 and pci-e then this mirco-atx board could be for you:


    It has onboard video to hold you over till you can get a Pci-e vid card and its a cheap board.

    Compaq S5000nx
    yes the one with an asus mobo and non exsistant apg slot. It was free so dont yell at me LOL.
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