The best software in which we can play ps3 games in pc

plese can you tell me how to play ps3 games on pc....i am very desparate..........plzzzzzzzzz
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  1. You cannot.
    Buy a ps3 and the games you want?
  2. If you're referring to an Emulator, you won't find one for another several years. Emulation processing is exponentially bigger and therefor processing power requirements are no where near what is currently out there at the moment. That said, you can plug a PS3 to your PC and/or Monitor if that is what you meant. All you need is the proper cables (HDMI) and proprer hardware (HDMI Videocard input).

    Makes sense?


  3. Emulators requires time to develop. The PS3 CPU is very different from a PC CPU in terms of architecture and processes. It takes time to map out how the different system timings and data flow. Emulation also takes a lot of processing power because system timing, data flow and "on the fly" programming code interpretation.

    I would wait another 7 - 10 years before looking for a PS3 emulator.
  4. is it possible to play a pc game on a ps3 ??????????????????? im vary sad :cry:
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