Why do i always have really high ping on games?

Hi, i play a range of games some of these being RPG FPS and MMO games. On all of these i seem to get ALOT of lagg. I play WoW CoD and L4D2 the most, on wow i tend to ahve about 1.4kms+ constantly, on L4D2 i ted to have 500-1400ms constantly and on CoD i either have fine ms or crazily high MS, it has its moments in games. There are 4 computers connected to my router and i am playing with a wireless connection about 20 yards away. Also sometimes when i go to check out the router there is a flashing orange light over the number 4 on the front of the router. Is there any advice anyone can give me?

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  1. Few questions, what ISP do you have? what speed have you purchased from your Isp? are you playing on servers in your region or a distant region? what kind of wireless card do you have Usb? built in? expansion card? What is the speed of the wireless card? (Wireless G, or Wireless N). Are there other users on your network possibly sucking up your bandwidth? is your wireless card drivers up to date?

    Also best advice, use an ethernet cable :na:
  2. As you can assume from P3ppy's post, there are a lot of things that can affect your high ping times... And most of them are out of your control.

    About the only thing you can do is...

    1. Use a wired connection if you are currently using wireless.
    2. Change your IPS service if possible
    3. Perhaps change some settings in your router *
    4. Buy a new router. **

    * You need to ask around the forum in the Network sub-forum to find out if anyone can help with this because it depends on the make and model number.

    ** Again, find out from the Network sub-forum if there is a router out there that does not cause high ping times.
  3. Thanks for the replys guys, sorry about me replyign so late:P, just to clarify, does the make of the router affect what ethernet cable i should use to connect my PC to the router? something on the inetrnet said a crossover cable is required.

    Thanks, Smithyy
  4. Pretty much the standard is the good ole Cat5 cable.
    Another thing to check is the firewall for your router, and possibly windows. If your ports are blocked you will have a lot of issues with your ping. It will still go through, mostly, but be incredibly slow. For this just google your router make and model and you should find an easy guide on how. They tend to be very common now-a-days.

    Also in addition to buying a new wireless card, some USB wireless connectors are superb and cheaper than the cards.
  5. Bin the wireless and use Cat5 or Powerline / Swap out the filter on your phone line...
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