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Simplistic iMovie-like editor for Win 2k/XP?

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January 5, 2005 9:35:08 AM

Are there any dumbed-down, simplistic video editing tools for the PC that function similarly to iMovie?

Y'know, ones that don't offer 30 different video compressors, plus PAL and SECAM options, but just locks you into one single data format: 29.97fps 720x480 14.7-gig/hr NTSC DV video

And also, it needs to demand the use firewire/DV input and output only, but should completely ignore that any TV capture/output cards exist. If you want I/O to a VCR, you should be forced to use an external DV-to-Composite/AV converter box.

(This is required due to the fact that ATI has never once really gotten to the point of having stable, reliable capture drivers, so their All-in-Wonder cards are typically a waste of money.)

Although this "request" may seem a dig at iMovie, this really IS something I'd like to see for the PC. :) 

When it comes to introducing video editing to 3rd graders there is nothing easier to get them going than iMovie, and the video is going to be good quality simply because there's no other hundred other options to confuse or lead them astray.

But Macs have a price premium over cheap PCs. And they don't integrate well into heavily PC-oriented network, so Macs just end up being expensive video editing appliances that do little else. It'd be nice to do what iMovie does so simply and easily, and do it on a PC.

Of course, such a simple, forced high-quality by default, DV/firewire-only PC video editing software doesn't seem to exist for Windows 2000/XP, as far as I can tell.. :-/
January 5, 2005 8:53:11 PM

iMovie is great. ATI AIW, I dont like them either. I like a video editing/TV card. Less cash over time.

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