New TF2 update..again

So, valve decided to add a actual store page to the TF2 main menu last night.

I did some looking at it, and saw some unbelievable things.
One thing, were starting to have set collections....

I mean, its one thing to have valve joke about the levels of the items you recieve in games.. but now there really starting to give you bonuses for using all the specific items you earn for the class?? What has the game come to?

I wanted to ask you guys... what do you think of this new update?
Do you think Valve is taking the right steps for this once simple-yet-amazingly fun multiplayer fps into a complicated-rpg like fps?

I personally liked the old version better, where everything was fairly equal and there was a few secondary items to acquire for each class, but that's my opinion.

What do you all think here on Toms??
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  1. bump..
  2. I preface this with not having tried the new version yet however I wish there would be a way to play the "classic" way and also the new way.

    Overall though I'm never going to complain when a developer continues to support and add on to a game (for free, mind you) over 4 years after release.
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