DLS problems after SP2

I have updated my pc to sp2 but I'm not liking it. I have a DSL connection on my linksys router. But after installing SP2 internet is really really slow. InternetExplorer and Outlook don't work properly. But the strange thing is that if I connect my pc directly to the modem it does work fine. Or when I configure the proxy server, which is normaly only for dail-up access with my provider, it also works.
In normal set-up (behind the linksys router) I can internet without a problem using mozilla firefox, and I can sent e-mails with outlook express. But not with the programs I used before the update to SP2 and the settings I used before. (IE and Outlook)
I have tried multiple things already but nothing seems to work. My firewall and virusscan is turned off. I have already uninstalled SP2 and then everything works. But I would like to have the security updates.
Am I missing something obvious or is this just another example of Bill f*cking Gates programming skills?

What can I do about this?
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  1. Did you disable all the stuff in that crapy new security center?

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  2. Yes, everything is disabled. I can't figure out why InternetExplorer won't work while Mozilla does.
    I even disabled the firewall in the router to test it, but that doesn't help either.
  3. Mozilla workin and IE not is crazy. Have you gotten any patches beyond sp2? Maybe one of them will fix that for you. I'm sure it is yet another sp2 tweakout that is just waiting for a patch :(

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  4. Haven't encountered any problems with routers and SP2 yet. First thing I would suggest is seeing if there is a firmware update for the router. Also, are you using DHCP?

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  5. I forgot to mention it, but I've already upgraded the firmware on the router. But that isn't it either.
    I use the DHCP client in the router. But it can't be the router I think. I mean besides the horrible pc that is giving all that trouble, there are 2 other pc's running Win XP SP2 without a problem.

    I can get online with InternetExplorer, but it's so slow. The weirdest thing however is that download speeds are normal. Testing my dsl connection on dslreports.com gives me normal results. In Dos prompt I can ping to most sites. In fact it seems that every program that wants to connect to the internet, can do it without a problem, only IE and outlook not.
    I'm getting desperate here. I just uninstalled SP2, and now everything is back ok. I'm planning to leave it like this, and do a clean install of windows and sp2 (maybe slipstream??) in a few weeks.(don't have the time now)
    Thank you for your efforts, greetings xlmax.
  6. How about giving your computer a static IP and DNS information? Maybe it is just being stupid about grabing dns info. Find the dns server ip for your ISP and use that as a staic dns on your computer. You can find that easily by hooking up the internet connection directly to your computer, going to a command prompt, and entering ipconfig /all. It will list the DNS Servers you want under your internet connection, enter in those 2 as your primary and secondary dns.

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