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i installed Win7 on a second hard drive the day it came out last year... so now i have a dual boot w/ Vista. I'm running out of hard drive space. Besides deleting Vista in 'msconfig' and then reformatting the hard drive, is there anything else that i should do?
I recently had a ton of boot loader issues w/ my PC after i improperly got rid of Linux (GRUB boot loader was being a pain, and ect.)

Thanx for any thoughts before i mess up my PC again.
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  1. I would use a free disk management tool like GParted to format the drive with Vista on it (provided you are sure the system will actually boot into 7 once Vista is gone). Then you cab use BCDEdit to get rid of the Vista boot loader entry.
  2. If you are felling brave then you can simply reformat the Vista drive and use the Windows install disk to fix the Windows 7 boot problem.
  3. As Herr_Koos said be sure you can get W7 to boot before touching the Vista drive, unplug it before attempting to fix the W7 boot problem.
    I tried to fix the W7 boot using the install disk and repair disk as described on the sevenforum doing the repair 3 times, but failed big time. I kept getting system partition not found error.
    I gave it away and will do clean install when I get a new drive.
    It seems that method of fixing the boot works for those that have the 100mb partition, presumably when there are 2 partitions on the same drive.
    I don't have a 100mb partition for W7 on either drive Vista or W7.
    A better option may be to change the boot option to make Vista boot first, disconnect the W7 drive and do a clean (custom) install on the Vista drive, the delete the Windows.old folder that W7 creates.
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