Looking for a good headset around $100 USD

Looking for a good headset for around $100 however would be willing the go higher if the quality is there.

Main thing I'm looking for is comfort...right not I'm using set of on-ear Sony headphones and an external mike and the headphones are mighty uncomfortable for extended periods due to pinching. Based on that I think over the ear would be best.

Also I wear glasses too and I've found that can affect perceived headphone quality / comfort too.

Right now the two I've head good things about / read about are the new Corsair HS1's and the Steelseries 7H's.

Dunno what other specifics are needed to help me out. And unfortunately there is really no place around that I can demo headphones either...so I guess I should purchase from some place with a customer friendly return policy.
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  1. First, are some really comfortable headphones, they are very cheap compared to your budget also. These are the Plantronics GameCom 377. Good headphones with a mic.

    Next are the Fatal1ty Professional Series they are a bit more expensive but still inside your budget. Comfortable, good sound, and have a mic.

    And last either the Razer Megalodon or Razer Carcharias the Magladons are a bit pricey but the Carcharias are within your budget, but good comfort and awesome sound for both. Both have mics.
  2. Also i would have a look at the G35 headset from logitech, its very comfortable and if you dont have a great sound card its really good because it provides its own 7.1 surround sound. Last point it blocks out sound from outside the ear phone really well so if you have other people who tend to be a bit noisy this can be a godsend.
  3. I've been using a turtle beach X1 for a little over a year now. It's done me really really well. It's a wired 360 headset that doubles for the PC as well. It has it's own control for volume, as well as a seperate one for the voice output on the 360 so you can control that nicely (doing it through the 360 settings is horrible).

    I usually play with glasses on (small tv in a large room) and the headset is super comfy, I can go hours without it bothering me. One downside though is that the ears get a little warm, it doesn't breath much so if you go for a solid 5 hours it might make a difference, otherwise it's great.


    This one is just a refurbished version, it's kinda outdated now, I think its the X11 that is the newer version.


    But the mic is solid quality, and decent sound, nothing too insane but its good quality. All the parts are pretty durable, and the cord is huge. So if you want wired so you don't have to worry about batteries, I really suggest these two.
  4. Sennheiser HD555 Headphones for $129.95 and add this coupon to it which is making it $75.00

    if your not desperate...try dealsofamerica.com they usually got some high quality headset.

    Im not trying to advertise here but just giving you a solution..
  5. I ended up going with the HS1's although I was seriously debating the HD555's.

    I'll post up a short review once I get 'em.
  6. OK, after 1.5 days I can say I love the can part of the headset...but the mike so far leaves a lot to be desired. Playing TFC2 no one could hear me.

    Gonna test it out over the weekend and if it's bad across a couple other games they're going back unfortunately...will probably pick up Sennheisers and a new mike.
  7. Sennheiser is for music Lovers so the sound should be perfect for anything tho.
  8. After playing around over the weekend the mike worked flawlessly in Skype. SC2 amd TFC2 when I tried it again.

    Not 100% sure what the deal was the first night I used them. I am pretty sure I rebooted the machine after installing the driver and software and I double-checked all the settings however I might have missed something and the one thing I didn't do was alt-tab to check the Corsair software.

    That said, after using them for the better part of a week I have almost no complaints.

    They're a little heavier than what I'm use to but ridiculous and I haven't worn full over the ear cans in the better part of 2 decades.

    They are probably the comfiest pair of headphones I've used bar-none. Memory foam is great. Only 2 small issues I personally have is that they are a little warm (again, could be that I'm not use to full cans) and the earpads can get a little itchy after prolonged use (this might just be a break-in thing though...and it's nothing dealbreaking, just a minor annoyance when I actually stop and think about it).

    The mike over the weekend performed flawlessly. Skype call was great, could hear and be heard no problems. Played 4 SC2 multiplayer matches with another person, no issues there and the mike also did not pick up low background noises such as keystrokes and mouseclicks. The 10 min or so I was on TFC2 the second time was also flawless.

    Based on that I will definetly upgrade my review to an easy 4.5 egg status for now and as long as the dead mike issue doesn't pop up again I'll be a happy camper.
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