I am playing fallout 3 with no problems with the exception on one. The computer runs hot and I am very concerned that this game will burn out the video card (nvidia GeForce GTS 360M) computer is a Qosmio X505-Q890. Can someone give some advice if this game will harm this computer. I also run two cooling fans under the computer. I just don't get it. pLease someone help me understand why does this computer get hot while running this Fallout3 game. Any advice is welcomed.
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  1. Laptops get hot when playing games. im sure it would do so with other games also. Just make sure the fans in the laptop are running and are not clogged with dust as is often the case.
  2. turn down the settings a little and make sure you have v-sync on, i've found that my 470 uses about 30-40% of the GPU with v-sync off it'd be a lot higher.
  3. The best thing you could do is buy a notebook cooler like what antec sells, but other than that laptops run very hot when gaming anyway.
  4. Fallout 3 doesn't stress the GPU too much on a desktop. A laptop is a different matter since it has limited space for cooling. Does this happen when you play other games?

    Since you are already using two fans under your laptop (I assume its a laptop cooler), then you may need to lower the graphics settings.
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