My computer has 2gb ram 320 hard disk and my graphic card is G41 which all games

my computer has agraphic card of g41 chipsets.
which all games and and softwar works in my computer
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  1. Intergrated graphics chips as a rule are not very good for playing games with.
    But a Intel IGP 41 chip should play a few games, though you may have to put the settings in game to low to get a good frame rate. Also the higher the screen resolution the harder the graphics chip has to work.

    I would think about buying a pci-e graphics card from Nvidia or ATI if you want to play games.
    You can go to the intel site to check some games that will run on a g41 Gpu.
  2. A graphics card like the ATI HD4850 or the NVidia GF9800 sould be perfect for light gaming needs
  3. ummm.....

    Plants vs. Zombies??
  4. 5555 Games*
    Age of Empires* III: The Acient Dynasty
    Age of Empires* III: The WarChiefs*
    Assassins Creed* Details
    Battlefield 2142*
    Call of Duty* 4
    Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars*
    Company of Heroes*
    Crysis* Details
    Devil May Cry* 4
    Doom* 3
    Gears Of War*
    Guild Wars* Eye of the North* Expansion
    GTR*: Evolution
    Halo*: Combat Evolved*
    Half Life* 2
    Lego*: Indiana Jones*
    Lost Planet*: Colonies
    Medieval* 2
    Microsoft Zoo Tycoon* 2: Complete Collection
    Nancy Drew*: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek*
    Paws and Claws* Pet School*
    Second Life*
    Sid Meier's Civilization* IV: Beyond the Sword*
    SimCity* 4 Deluxe Edition
    Sims* 2 Deluxe, The
    Sims* 2: Bon Voyage Expansion Pack, The
    Sims* 2: H&M* Fashion Stuff Pack, The
    Sims* 2: Pets Expansion Pack, The
    Sims* 2: Seasons Expansion Pack, The
    Sims* 2: University Expansion Pack, The
    StarCraft*: Battle Chest*
    Supreme Commander*
    Universe at War*
    Unreal Tournament* 3
    Warcraft* III: Battle Chest*
    The Witcher*
    World in Conflict*
    World of Warcraft*

    These games will surely run with g41 chipset as it supports pixelshader3,vertexshader3.You have to lower the settings and resolutions
    to get smooth gameplay.If you want better and smoother gameplay you can increase your ram and you will be able to play such high games smoothly without need of graphic card
  5. Good luck running most of those games with an IGP and you will need more memory,
    JMHO thanks,
  6. You have a very open question, which software will work with your computer.
    For games, I'd say very few, unless they are light online type of games, or older games like Diablo 2. You'd have to shut off most settings in modern games to make them run with playable frame rates, and on lower resolutions.

    Start off with the idea that most games won't run well at all, any other software will run fine and go from there. You need to check the requirements for whatever software you want to use instead of just asking what will work.
  7. Click on the following link which will lead you to a bunch of Youtube videos which shows gameplay on the X4500 (G41 chipset). Games can be playable, but might not be as smooth as you would like.
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