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Hi all,
Just wanted to find out if you can see the game detail while playing a game. For example: with crysis i push the `key above tab and it brings up the command console i think its called or is there anything i can download. i have a few games that are dx10 but they dont seem to be running in dx10 but dx9 but i cant confirm it into i can find out for sure.

thanks for your help
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  1. What is you video card and operating system?
  2. my operating system is window 7 64bit and my gpu is 9800gt oc'd. i know this card is dx 10 and the os is dx11, the problem i am having is i seem to think that some of the dx10 game i have are running in dx9 and the command console dont open or it has no dx details.
  3. You could always run Rivatuners OSD which can show you the DX version the game is running under.
  4. thats great, thanks for the help
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