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Borderlands Disk Authentication Issue

I have had borderlands for some time now, i gave it a rest for a few mounths and played some GTA 4, last night i picked it up and thought ill give this another shot (i hadnt got very far). when i put the disk into the computer, the menu poped up and i clicked on the "Play Borderlands" button and then the disk drive screemed into to action, spinning the disk at full speed. It continued doing this for the next five minutes then came up with the "Cannot Authenticate Disk" message i have tryed the SeruCOM website, i lloked into there fixes and work arounds but none of these worked. I have tryed turning the computer on and off again etc but nothing has worked. My system is listed below if it helps.

CPU- AMD PhenomII x4 965
RAM- 4GB Ripjaws DDR3
MoBo- Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P
Fx Card- HIS ATI Radeon HD5850 1GB GDDR5
HDD- 500GB Seagate SATA II barracuda 7200.11
CD Drive- Liteon (Not Sure What it is but its very old)
PSU- Amacrox Freestyle 550watt
Case- AeroCool PGS VX-E Pro
OS- Windows 7 Home Edition x64
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  1. Is the disk scratched up? Is it the original disk you purchased or a copy?

    Do you have anything running like virtual CD ROM emulators? If you do, uninstall them.
  2. No dont have anything like that, and yes the disk is the origional but no it isnt scrached. see my problem
  3. Does any other CD/DVD work in your drive? Maybe the CD/DVD drive is bad? Have you checked to ensure all connections are in place as well to your motherboard? Ensure the data cable is connected fully in the drive and to the motherboard as well as the power cable too.
  4. all other disks work in the drive, the other thing i just found out is that this problem only occurs sometimes, i have been playing borderlands with ease for a little while now, then last night it started playing up again. so i dont know what to do
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    Sounds a lot like what happens to me when an optical drive starts to crap out. It's the single component in my 15 or so years that I've had to replace the most...I think I've been through half a dozen upwards to like 8 of 'em.
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