System Restore Troubles..

Hi all.. here is my problem..

while installing my sound card driver my computer locked up.. so I proceeded with a system restore to get the machine back before that point.. well.. I think I must of clicked on the wrong restore point and now everytime I start it up it loads to the desktop looking normal ... but there is no startup music like usual.. and the mouse and keyboard both don't respond.. the pointer stays dead center of the screen and I cant move it.. or use keys.. in the BIOS the keyboard responds.. So any ideas or suggestions as to how I can remedy this? Thanks!
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  1. Is your keyboard/mouse usb and or wireless? The drivers may have been tweaked. Get a hold of a ps2 keyboard/mouse to reinstall those drivers. I personally would never do a system restore, I've never seen it work well :(

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  2. Yeah. If it works at all.

    But that doesn't help you out now. To fix the problem, I think the first step should be a boot into Safe mode. Then open up System Properties and see if your hardware is listed correctly. Then go down the list and delete the mouse, keyboard, and sound card. Exit Safe mode and reboot to let Windows rediscover the hardware and reload the drivers.

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  3. I know this won't help you fix your problem.

    But once you have it fixed consider using a program like Norton Ghost to backup your entire OS partion before making major system changes.
  4. yeah folken, first thing i do on new install of xp is disable system restore.
    If its something i cant fix myself chances are system restore is probably going to just make things worse.
    I cant see exactly what it is doing enough to know what it has done....

    Is there any way to tell what it has rolled back to exactly?
  5. It has been a while since I even looked at it but I seem to remeber each of the restore points having some sort of description as to what is in it. I can barely even remember what the restore screen looks like though so I might be thinking of something completely different.

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  6. You will probably have to reinstall Windows.

    Either a repair installation, or delete the partion and do a clean install.

    A repair install will save you from reinstalling most of your programs and it won't delete any of your documents.

    A clean install is a fresh start.

    Also there is a new THG article on tools for repairing windows including how to do some useful things with the recovery console.

    Personally I usually have a fairly recent backup so there is never much point in trying to fix anything.

    BTW the now that Ghost 9 is out you can get Ghost 2003 OEM for $19. If not Ghost you need to start using something other than (or just) system restore!
  7. It's no probably, it's for sure. Fastest and bestest way to get up and going. Do it, don't waste yer time (and ours).

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  8. I said probably because some people do crazy stuff like keep all their tax records in an encrypted folder.

    In that case if you reinstall the OS or even delete the user account (and you never backed up your encryption keys) you lose access to that data forever!

    (And yes I know people who have made this mistake)
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