Crysis Xtreme FX 2 Custom Extreme Ultra Quality Graphics Particles Mod

Hay Toms Hardware Folks and Hard Core Gamers!

I know there's some HARD CORE GAMERS! on this site because I can See them! :o

So, I just thought I'd post a video of my mod for anyone that likes Crysis or Good Graphics.

Because I know there's a lot of Hard Core System builders here as well, the like pushing limits.

Well, my Xtreme FX mods are all about pushing Game Graphics to the limit, and Crysis sure can do it.

Anyway, there more info in the videos info sections for anyone interested, if not don't watch it I guess, all I can say. :(


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  1. Quote:
    holy cow, what kind of rig would u need to run this O:

    Well Nothing more then you have if your running a 980X. :o

    Actually, its Xtreme FX thats the Demanding one, This is Xtreme FX 2, the Mod to take its place, It will look Better and Be Way less demanding at the same time.
  2. Update soon.
  3. Crysis Xtreme FX 2 Ultra High Quality Graphics & Effects Mod in = (HD) + Full Power Physics !

    Hay guys.

    Sorry about the sound, I was listening to Techno when I made this and forgot to turn on the record sound on fraps, and I have no time to remake it, because I got to hit the Sack!


    It's still Work in progress.

    The LAW has bean modified for this Video only, Not for the Mod, I was playing around with it.

    I was also working on a Mobius Xtreme Space Nuke that had a pretty cool Shock wave that ripped through the ground, but I'm not showing it yet, still needs work.

    This was running so smooth thought it was Crazy!

    Performance is great so far, Way better then XFX, I was having fun as you can see.

    Oh man, I forgot to add a super slow motion video, Anyway.

    The slow video was to show off the Real Movement of the Refraction vs the shock and dust and wind combination.

    I did the Math for the particles to make them Grow at the speed of sound, witch was sweet, this adds a great amount of realism, so when the shock and air hits the tree or object so does the Refraction.

    Good stuff.

    Anyway , I was also finding out more camera shakes, this pressure system is Great!

    And By the way! The Cheap Junk Mussel Flashes you see at the end will be changed.

    Anyway, Thanks all for watching.

    Q9650 3.8GHz 8GB Dominator, 2x OCZ Vertex 2 's.

    EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 SC EE in SLI in Crysis !

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