Games for my Mac?

Since my pc blew up, i decided to go back to using my old mac, and its kinda boring, since it has no internet, so I wondered if any of you know any good games i could play on it until it gets fixed. :D


Model: Imac G3-I

Colour: Bondi Blue

Power PC G3 233mhz


4.5Gb Hdd

ATI Rage 8mb

1024x768 @ 95Htz

OS 9.2.2

Jurrasic Park 3D (Circa 1998) lags big time. :pt1cable:

again, im only asking to see if there are any good games to play on it.

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  1. It might seem like a biased answer but here we go anyways. Steam has recently introduced their new MAC compability program. In other words, you'll find a great list of games compatible on the Mac and for cheap. That said, they only provide digital download (as oppose to DVD or disk options). So make sure you read their end user agreement and that you understand what they offer.
  2. To be honest, I doubt that any reasonably modern game will run satisfactorily on this Mac. It has a very low-powered processor (and it's only a G3) and is woefully short of memory.

    On my Mac Mini, with a 1.4GHz G4 and 512MB memory any games that I have tried are unplayable, so with less memory and a processor that is less than a fifth as fast I don't rate your chances. And that's not even considering the graphics card!
  3. thx

    i tried steam, it needs osx, thx for the starcraft download :)
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