Gaming laptop with good battery life?

I am looking for a good gaming laptop, but it needs to have a good battery life -- 3 hours or more is preferred. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to start? It's hard to even find info about battery life on a lot of notebooks.

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  1. Well I would recommend Acer TravelMate 8100 to you just because first of all it's a next generation Centrino so the battery life is pretty good (although do not expect 3 hours if you're playing games). Second of all it has a Ati Mobility Radeon X700 graphics card which should be rellay awesome. I feel obligated to warn you, however, that Acer is notorious when it comes to problems with laptops. In spite of this, I am planning on buying this laptop myself: I am looking for a desktop-replacement laptop for 60% surfing&writing, 30% music&pictures and 10% gaming. Oh, did I tell you the best part: you get 2.0 GHz Pentium-M, Ati X700, 512Mb DDR2 RAM, widescreen display (15,4") and 4 USB slots and 1 Firewire slot, for around 2000 dollars. That is really a good deal.

    There are better gaming laptops on the market of course. You got your Alienware and Dell XPS Gen 2, but both are too big, too heavy and too sucky at battery life for me to even think about them. If you need a heavy and big-displayed gaming machine with good batterylife then get a desktop.
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