Win7(32bit) -> Win8(64bit)?

Hi all. I've recently built my own computer for gaming (about a $1500 rig) and when I went to install my Win7 Cd... it was the upgrade disc. Long story short I eventually got Windows 7 Pro (32bit) working on my computer for now. *However* I built my rig for a 64 bit operating system. I'm planning on upgrading to Windows 8 Pro, but I'm curious to if a Win 7 32 bit installation will be compatible with a Win 8 64 bit installation? I'll post specs if needed but I'm 100% sure I have the muscle to run Win 8 and everything else just fine.
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  1. You have to do a clean install from 32 to 64.
  2. ^+1

    it cannot upgrade 32 to 64 (and likewise).....
    they diffrent in low level sytem so clean install is needed...
  3. There is no upgrade path between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions. You must boot with the Win 8 64-bit install media and perform a "clean" (custom) install.

    Before you do this, be sure to save your documents. Otherwise, they won't be preserved if stored on the primary disk.

    Good luck!
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