Asus A8N-SLI Premium Heatpipe Problem?

I've been reading some reviews about the new Asus A8N-SLI Premium board and people are saying that if you are forced to mount the board upside down then the heatpipe will not work correctly. Is there possibly anyway to remedy this? Possibly watercool the chipset? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Watercooling could be an option. If I'm going to water cool one thing I might as well go all out and water cool the rest of the motherboard & video cards....I'm not sure I have the money to go that far just yet. Would I be losing anything by choosing to go with the A8N-SLI Deluxe w/o the heatpipe?

  2. I looked up the Silverprop Nexus chipset block and I guess I'll have to take the hit and go with watercooling. So does this mean I'll be trying to remove the pipe that's on the chipset to make room for the Silverprop cooling block...or could I possibly just strap the Silverprop one on top of the current cooling block?

  3. I've been looking thru the different ways to watercool and it is way too much for me to get into now. This computer is being built in my shop of the USS Kittyhawk in Japan. Anything I order I will have to wait awhile for it to get here only to find out that it isn't compatible. I think I'm just going to take the Premium motherboard back and unfortunately downgrade to the Deluxe version. I know you said Asus is no good with A64 but I'm an Asus fanboy...can't help it. Maybe this way I learn ;) Any last thoughts from anyone before I take back this Premium board?

  4. Quote:
    but I'm an Asus fanboy...can't help it. Maybe this way I learn ;)

    Please don't. Asus are ok, but others are simply better and cheaper. For motherboards at least.

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  5. If you're thinking about oc'ing don't go with the deluxe...I have one, i've done everything i can do with this board. I can make it stable up to the lower 240's, but I've set it at 233. With 2T timings you can hit high 260's but that's it. Nobody is hitting better then that out there with the deluxe. I've got a Jetway on order because of it...Jetway is a little bit of a risk <waits for flames>...but i don't care, if you don't take any risks, what fun are you going to have. If you're really going to take it back, and you don't need sli, then go with one of the cheaper dfi nf4 boards. They OC as much as you could want. Ack gotta get back to work, one last thing, the dfi boards take a lot more work to set up, so if you're not memory/bios savvy, then look elsewhere. MSI, Jetway, asus premium have the simpler bios's to work with and still allow for over the top oc's, according to reviews with anantech and others.

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  6. So if I go ahead and stick with the Premium board am I going to have to remove the heatpipe all together to get a fan or a watercooling block on the chipset....or am I able to keep the pipe on the chipset and somehow rig a fan or watercooling block onto it? I'll have to look closer tonight to see how the pipe is actually on there.

  7. The heatpipe removes with ease. I've never messed with any chipset cooling like this before. If I was to buy a chipset fan how would it mount? There are two holes in the board where the heatpipe came out...would the chipset fan use those two holes? If so...any recommendations on chipset fans?

  8. Purchased the MCX159-A...I'll update when this fan finally arrives. I do have one last question though. After cutting the heat pipe off I'm going to replace the heat dissipating fins back on the chips by the caps up by the processor. It had a sort of thermal paste/glue on there when I removed it all. Should I go ahead and attempt to remove the rest of that thermal paste/glue off the chips [and the chipset] and apply my own thermal paste upon reinstallation...or just leave it all how it is? If I'm to remove it...will I have to scrape it off or is there a liquid that cleans it off easily? Thanks for all your feedback guys.

  9. Clean it off & put new on. Acetone or rubbing alcohol (higher % is better) will work.


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  10. Don't even get me started on Asus!!!!

    I went for the standard SLi before the premium came out and had the usual chipset fan troubles. Asus have now decided it would be a better idea to not reply to any of my mails even after I've filled in all the neccessary forms to have the fan replaced etc. etc.

    I've looked at the premium and I'm a bit edgy about it too.
    Used Asus for years and I guess I've become a creature of habit?!? Maybe it's time to switch?

    Any suggestions??
  11. Rare???

    Are we talking about the same mobo or am I talking about the wrong chip???

    The mobo fan on the A8N SLi/Deluxe are notorious for failing!!! It's at a constant 9000rpm and Asus called it a bad bunch!?

    Anyway, been looking at DFi and ABiT???! Or there's Gigabyte too..................ahhhh BUGGER!!!! Too much choice.
    Got an X850XT anyway so I might as well stay away from SLi all together?
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