FIFA with controller? Just how?!!

hi all,

I have been a hard core FIFA soccer game fan and have been strictly gaming on PC. But with FIFA 11, the whole notion of using PC keyboard for the soccer series is vanishing. I once tried playing FIFA 10 with a controller couldn't believe how bad my gameplay became.

I understand that it takes getting used to a controller, but the thing I don't understand is how do they expect gamers to completely switch the hands and have the left hand perform the D-motion and right hand take control of the function keys!! It feels so terribly unnatural (for those who have been using a game controller for years, imagine having to switch hands!). On FPS like games, mouse comes to the right hand and mostly W and S are used for D-motion by the left hand, while others are just function keys.

Are there any game controllers available with basic D-pad on the right and buttons on the left? I really want to explore FIFA 11 better with controllers, but this thing is just annoying and quite horrifying :ouch:
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  1. @bernymack, don't hijack somebody else's thread, start your own and link to this one if necessary.
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