Ffxiv install problem

downloaded ffxiv with the disk i downloaded the direct x thing at the begining and then folowed the steps i got to the place where it says do you want a desktop icon and hit finish and it all closed out so i figured it was done

well i went and clicked the desktop short cut and it tryed to open a popup and it said ffxiv has stoped working and closed out

wtf what happened im in the process of uninstalling it now ill waight for an ancer before i redownload.

btw i downloaded it in the folder it already had displayed dont know if that was the problem or not.
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  1. ugh

    i re downloaded it and the same thing it did its thing and then it says do you want a desktop shortcut i hit yes and clicked finish

    i click the shortcut and it goes to open some sort of ffxiv window and then a windows thing pops up and says ffxiv has stop working WTF WHAT IS GOING ON WHY WONT IT START
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