Old motherboard and x14.0 multiplier issue

I am considering to upgrade my computer's CPU from K7 Duron 700MHz into Athlon Thunderbird 1GHz or above. One concern I have heard is that 1.4GHz is upperlimit that is supporting 100MHz front-side bus, requiring x14.0 multiplier. Well, my motherboard(ASUS A7V) manual states that it supports only upto x12.5. I guess there would be BIOS update that enables x14.0 multiplier but not sure for right now since the BIOS description from the ASUS website is too simple.

Is there anyone have used Thunderbird 1.4GHz with ASUS A7V successfully? Will you share a bit of info for me?

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  1. It won't work. He doesn't have the A7V133, so no 133 bus. And I don't think his board can remap multipliers, 12.5x is likely a hard limit. Remember, this is an AMD system with a VIA chipset...AMD's multiplier locks weren't as firm as Intel's (assuming his CPU even has one).

    He could probably use 12.5x112...

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  2. I think that board only supports lower multipliers.
    It does auto detect for multiplier, but I believe that it only uses 3 pins for multi, plus the 1 is 1/2.AFAICR, it only supports up to 12.5 multi.
    On the other hand, it is quite happy to run @ 110 fsb, sometimes 115.
  3. Thank you for replies guys. The conclusion is no compatibility between A7V and Thunderbird 1.4GHz? Sad...Then one remaining way to go is probably 1.2GHz, right?
  4. That's just about it. The 1.2 was the last athlon that didn't run too hot anyhow. Put a decent socketA hsf on it, and crank the fsb.
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