HELP ffxiv

got it downloaded now im creating account and everything but it wants a registration code


i dont have that the only numbers i got where on 2 pieces of paper in the case one is a registration card but it says to go to members sight or somthing and type it in there

well i tryed that anyway and it didnt work i did it in caps though dont know if that matters it was a 16 digit code

and the other is a in game item code well i tryed that to its a 20 digit code so wtf what do i type in to finish making my account so i can finaly play
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  1. idk whatever i got my username and password and i guess i didnt need that big ass code

    but now its saying i need a valid service account to use this service what does that mean does that mean i have to pay first or somthing??

    edit: ok im getting pissed i went to add a service account and its asking for this dode that i dont have its 5 long blank boxes where do i get the code to put in these is it the case some where or what.

    not even the code thats on the little red peice of papper works i went to the members sight and it says it dosnt exist wtf so im missing some big ass number and none of the codes i got do *** did best buy rip me of
  2. can some one please tell me how to add a service acount so i can finish loging into the game i click log in and it says i dont have a service acount so i go to where t helink sends me click add a sercvice account and then it gives me a page with 5 empty rectangles well i only have 2 codes in the box the game came in

    one is on a red square fore product registration and that dosnt work

    and the other is on the big white paper with the picture of the goggles on it and that one dosnt work

    can you please help me.
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