hi im getting problems installing diablo2 LOD. ive installed and uninstalled diablo2 countless times to try fix problem but every time i put LOD disc in it says i have to install diablo2 when its installed anyone have any ideas. (oh im on windows 7)
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  1. Have actually tried running the game after installing it??
  2. IIRC I think you just run the Diablo exe and then you can choose whether you want the orginal or LOD. I don't think you need the LOD disk until you hit that content.
  3. Another tip...you create a battlenet account and you can input the serial #'s and get any Blizzard you own (with the serials) via direct download from Blizzard...pretty nice in my opinion.
  4. Try the following.
    1- Install Diablo II
    2- Run Diablo II and click on multiplayer to update your game
    3- Once updated, close the game and install D2 LOD.
    4- Run the D2 expansion execute file.
    5- Don't work? Re-try everything while UAC (User Account Control) is turn off.
  5. Windows 7 may be the issue, have you checked if the games are even compatable with it or if you need to do something to get them working? Has this worked on the system before?
  6. I loaded Diablo 2 and LOD on my new PC (win 7 64 bit)

    Didn't play it for an extended period of time but it did load and play.

    Running an i5-750 on a Asus Formula 3 Maximus with an eVGA 470 and 4 gig ram.
  7. iv had that issue before.

    its really not that hard to fix.

    1.insert the disk. and then just double click the Diable.exe in your program files (run as administrator)

    2.if nothing loads just leave it, the first time it loads it takes a while (maybe 20-30minutes) to load. after than its instant.
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