Trouble with Starcraft 2 Installation

I suppose I should have expected to have a problem like this. I run the installation disc of Starcraft 2 and it freezes up at 51%. It happens every single time I try and it even locks to the point that I can't turn it off with task manager. I use Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and some forums suggested I update the firmware on my DVD-RW drive. After verifying that my DVD-RW drive is indeed DL capable, and trying it on my second DVD-RW drive, I updated the firmware to the latest version from LiteOn and it still won't work. Does anyone have any ideas for me? My hardware configuration is listed in my profile. I hope that the great people here will have had experience with this problem and will know how to solve it or at least get around it. :sol:
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  1. Maybe the DVD is scratched.
    Register your copy at and if you have sufficient bandwidth download the game client.
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