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Please somebody help me. I lost the CD key to Locomotion and I want to play the game and I've looked all over and can't find it. Please somebody help, this is driving me MAD!!!!!
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    you are going to have to buy the game again as no one but you has YOUR cd key so we really can't help
  2. But how can my game take one CD key from another, all Lomo games are the same???
  3. It's all about licensing, dude. And the rules of the forum are simple, in regards to this kind of stuff. No one wants this site or the forum shut down due to any illegal activity, and the creators and mods are being smart and safe. Now, there are probably other sites and forums that can help you with this, so...
  4. The only recommendation I can give is to write the key on the CD/DVD of any future games you buy with a permanent marker. That's what I do. :)
  5. BTW, did you read the following sticky post?
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