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Printer: hp psc 2410xi photosmart

I am scanning a lot of documents that established a Scan Profile for an
8.5 x 11 in the resolution, colors I want. For this project, I would
like it to default to it.

1) I can't get it to default to it.
2) On multi-page documents I have to reselect the Profile for each

This is cause my project to that 2x what it should.

Can anyone provide me some help?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi,

    I was having the same problem with HP Director of having to manually re-set my preferred settings for each new scanned page which was very time consuming but then I made a couple of tests and it turned out that this problem occurs only if you have "show preview" option enabled, otherwise you can simply create your own scan profile (like this - click on "Using a scan profile" and read step ONE) and scan your documents directly without using the preview window (deselect it in the scan settings window that opens before each new scan job) and the scan will automatically apply the settings from your own scan profile, but first you have to set your scan profile as a default scan profile (like this - click on "Using a scan profile" and read step THREE).
    Hope it helps, ;)

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