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Can anyone tell me the exact location of the AC2 savegame on Win7 x64? I uninstalled the game from my system and figured that it would prompt me to keep the save file, but it didn't. Now I'm just hoping that it didn't remove it completely, in case I want to play again right before Brotherhood comes out, or in case the new one gives you anything extra for having a savegame from AC2. Anyway, thanks in advance.
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  1. save a game under a certain name ie zzz then just do a search under the start icon
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  3. Quote:
    C/program file/ubisoft/ubisoft game launchner/storage/

    Found it! Thanks, man!
  4. Alex The PC Gamer said:
    I don't mean to accuse anyone but when I looked for a solution on this issue, everything pointed towards the pirated copies having this issue. So I have to ask, did you download this game through torrents? If not, do you have the Steam version? The retail version? or Other DD version?

    Not sure how that really ties in to the question, considering all I am out for is the location of the files for the savegame. Either it's a 'legal' copy and it will be there, or it is not, and the files will not be there (per your research?). In any case, it is a store bought copy and the files were in the location that dipankar2007i pointed out.
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