Logitech g110 or g15

hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a gaming keyboard in the near future and I can't decide over which to get, a g110 or a g15.
I know, the g15 is better than the g110 but is the money worth it for an lcd screen?

can someone state some pros and cons on both keyboards?

plus: I want the keyboard to be black, I'm not really a fan of the g15's color scheme (silver on black wi0th orange lights)
I hope you guys can help me decide, thanks in advance :)
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  1. just to say i have the g15 black with blue lights im happy
  2. that's the g15 rev1 right?
    from the reviews I read, they seem to be better than the rev2. that aside I think rev1 is hard to come across these days(well, at least in my case) as they have been replaced by the 2nd revision.
    what do you use the LCD display for? surely that will help me decide which to get, since I'm pretty skeptical of the LCD's practical use.
  3. I think its rev1 ive had it a year or 2 now
    the panel is for certain games that tell you how much ammo you have bullet amount health bar etc
    but not all games
  4. other than displaying component temps(cpu,gpu), ram and cpu usage and some game information (which only supports some games?) is there really more practical use to it? do you personally recommend paying more for the lcd? I read that the G110 is similar to a G19 only without the LCD.
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