Hi i recently got starcraft 2 and it runs like CRAP T.T !!!
I have amx2 6000+ @ 3.25GHZ 2gig ddr2 HD3870

No matter wat setting i run it at low res with low setting or 1080p at high/ ultra it always run like crap , all my driver and everything is updated i even removed window 7 and installed win xp coz i thought 2gig ram might limite , but it still runs crap :'(

Can some 1 explain why >.> and what setting is expected from my machine!!!
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  1. i usually run it at high @ 1080p it runs about 50-80 FPS mostly but when i move mouse around the screen build stuff or engage battle it dips down to like 10-20 fps T.T
  2. no matter wat setting it does this
  3. Sounds more like a processing/rendering issue.
    Are you running 2x1gb or 1x2gb?
  4. 2x1gb
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