Why wont my computer run ff14?

I have a fairly new computer and i feel like it should be able to run ff14. I put all the settings on lowest and it will start up, but it will not come anywhere close to being actually playable. The cursor even moves at what seems to be 1-2 fps.

Here are my specs:
Intel(R)Core(TM)2 QuadCPU Q8200 @2.33GHz 2.34 GHz
RAM: 8.00 GB
Vista 64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce 9300 GE

any help would be appreciated.
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  1. 9300, is that an integrated gpu?
    Anyways, seeing as a 9500 itself has lag problems with this game.

    You would want to get a card equal or better to an Nvidia 260 or Radeon 4870 to have playable framerates. Your cpu shouldn't have a big issue as it's a quadcore, but you may want to overclock it to 2.6 at least.
  2. It's not integrated and i can't really find much information on it. (It was a pre-built PC)
    If I were to buy a new video card do you know what some of the best are (excluding ridiculously priced ones) for running ff14?
  3. Yeah a 9300 GE is a very very very low end card.

    450 is pretty decent, or get an ATI 5750/5770. Depends on budget. And how much power the PSU in your PC has.
  4. Ah i was just fooled by it being a 9000 series I guess. Thanks for the help everyone =)
  5. a gtx 460 is probably 1 of the best graphics cards price vs performance out at the moment, if you have a little bit of extra cash, and get an aftermarket cpu cooler for the cpu overclock, the coolermaster hyper 212+ is probably the best price vs performance, its a beast for $30
  6. kisato45 said:

    Yea, Gigabyte is okay.
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