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Looking for a miracle headset

I am in need of both a new headset and new headphones and am wondering if anyone knows of a product capable of handling both my needs. I am looking for a headset with detachable mic and can be plugged into my Zune when I need music.

Secondly, it has to have fairly decent bass. I play bass and it can be hard to hear parts I am learning or just enjoying the basslines while not being drowned out in the sound.

Lastly, I am on a budget (the reason I am trying to find a product for both my needs) and need something below the $100 price point. The cheaper the better.

Noise leakage is somewhat of an issue, in-line controllers would be cool and xbox 360 support would also be cool, though likely not possible at this price. Never seen any with PS3 support but still a feature that would be a bonus.

I have looked on Newegg and a bit on Amazon but am not finding much. I recently stumbled upon the Astro A30 with mixamp but that is more than I can spend and I don't think it is exactly what I need.

Basically do my miracle headphones exist or must I dream? Even if I have to pay more (and thereby save) is this just too much to ask for?


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  1. I don't think I have ever heard of a headset with a removable microphone. For a 100 you can pick up both a decent PC headset and a headphone for the zune.
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    For $100 it's tough to get something really good. Never used Zune so... not sure about that, but I'm guessing that means you need analog connector (not USB).

    Don't get Steelseries, I had their 5H V2 and they're not good. Only good feature is the mic could receed into the ear cup. But the bass was CRAP.

    You could check out the Razr headset, forget which one might be megalodon or something like that. I hear good things.

    Sennheiser is a great brand. I have PC350s and they're super awesome. Loud, crisp, lots of bass... they have the same drivers as their 595 headphones iirc. You can also get a lot more bass out of them by drilling a small hole into an internal part... there's guides online for that. I haven't done it because I'm happy with the bass. They're a bit pricey tho, $200, but IMO totally worth it. The mic boom swings up, so you'll look like a air traffic controller in public lol but whatever, and mic sound quality is top notch. If you look around you might be able to get them for less, I saved $60 by price matching :D
  3. Skull candies are nice. Im using teknics headphones (maybe technics) and they have great bass and a great volume, very comfortable, and I got mine on offer from tescos for 7 pounds :D bout 4-5 dollars. And I have a really cheap flimsy headset from germbird, but even though, it has a fantastic mic.
  4. After looking around I think I am going to go with the Tritton AX720. They look nice and offer simulated surround which seems like a nice feature for gaming.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
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