Strange Mobo Problem?

I just dug an old computer out of my closet that sports a 1 gigahertz amd athlon and an ASUS mobo. The problem with it (and why it ended up in my closet) is because it can't recognize the hard disk in it (it isn't seen in the BIOS) and I can't boot off of the CD-RW drive with a Fedora Linux disc (or any disc for that matter).

My question is, if I replace the hard disk and the cd rom drive with new ones then will it work or does it look like the mobo is busted? Thanks,
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  1. Depending on how long its been in the closet and as to the age of it, the M/B CMOS battery probably is dead or extremely weak!, replace the CMOS battery first and reset the CMOS settings, and try booting again and then post the new symptoms.

    What actually happened or failed for the computer to end up residing in the closet in the first place???

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