Do you chose a game based on graphics? or gameplay?

Hi, how do you choose your game ? what's most important to you? is it the gameplay? or the high graphics?
personally i prefer high graphics

so what do you think?
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  1. Gameplay
  2. Graphics contribute to gameplay, but don't determine it.
  3. mostly gameplay look at some of the best games ever ....
    pac man
    castle wolfenstein 1
    ultima underworld
    red aleart
    etc none had even good graphics
    now look at that new game Final Fantasy XIV great graphics but its getting very bad reviews 4/10 from gamespot etc
    so are you sure its graphics :)
    its hard to find games with both but maybe ....
    bioshock 1, and 2 when its out
    oblivion with mods
    the witcher and 2 when its out
  4. gameplay
  5. Gameplay. If i'm interested in the graphics of a game, but not the gameplay, I'll get a demo if available.
  6. I like games with a balance between the two, but gameplay will always be superior. Two games that have a great balance are fable 2 and Crysis
  7. Gameplay
  8. Gameplay above graphics, which is why I still play most of my golden oldies. I like to tinker though, so I will spend a lot of time tweaking a game to give me the best visual experience.
  9. I like games, not interactive tech demos. Half Life 2 series will keep me coming back over and over because of the story. Played Crysis once and however pretty it may be it has no long-term appeal.

    Gameplay every time.
  10. For me the answer would be both...

    For example I still love the original Elite, which in its day was both ground breaking graphics and gameplay.

    I played other games just because they were fun, before we really started judging games by their graphics quality at all :D

    On a gameplay example, I eventually bought Knights of the old republic years after its release purely for the rumoured storyline and gameplay. The graphics were outdated by then but gameplay alone was enough for me to give it a go.

    On the graphics side I bought Oblivion and Crysis as soon as they came out - sold by the graphics, seeing the cutting edge of what PC's could do. As luck would have it Oblivion has kept me coming back due to gameplay. Crysis as well but to a lesser degree, people slate crysis but I didnt find the game play of puttingly bad at all.

    There are a very few games that stand out in my mind as being graphically innovative and having detrimentally bad game play. Rise of the Robots was a game with huge graphical hype that might have sold better had they never released a playable demo. If there hadnt been a Demo I would have certainly bought it based on the graphics and expected at least passable playability (and been bitterly dissapointed)

    I will buy a game either for special technical merit on the graphics side or for exceptional gameplay, but if it has both its likelly to be a long term game for me (like Elite, star wars galaxies and oblivion at release)
  11. I would say both, but what attracts me to the game first is the graphics then I look into the gameplay, if I like it then its a sure buy but if I dont then no way in hell
  12. I am a graphics junkie, which has led me to a few bad purchases in my time, but yes, graphics are the biggest draw.

    Older games are in a place of their own, so graphics matter not, but all modern games that have better gameplay than graphics I tend to avoid simply because i like the Visuals too much!
  13. Gameplay > Art Work > Graphics

    However, Graphics and the arts within the game is worth many points in my book. Take a look at Bioshock, graphics were average but the art work was one of the best I've seen in modern gaming.
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