The most beautiful games you've ever played?

Just to be clear, I dont mean beautiful as in graphics, I mean as in a mix between the story lines... maybe the graphics, the characters, the music, and the fond memories you have playing that game.. and for those who post, no arguments pleez.

Without question in the world, fable 2 was the most beautiful game I have ever played. The music was perfect. The comedy was perfect. I loved the graphics. The characters were all so likeable, the story was great, although a little short. Playing through the story in that game was honestly one of the finest times I had gaming. I dont have a 360 any more, I would've kept it but 3 is coming out for the PC... so.... yeah. For those of you you have completed the story... (SPOILEROMGHAXUWEREWARNED) you know when you die, and you go in to some sort of dream... and your sister is there... you do the little jobs and quests there, and then its night. You get up (In the dream) and you go outside, you go through the gate, and your sister is screaming at you to not run away... and then everything turns to fire. The sky goes red. When that happened for first time, my jaw was on the floor. I was absolutely blown away. I'm not sure why, maybe i'm just emotional... (Spoiler end) It was officially, the best moment I have had in gaming. Ever. Fullstop. And I think it will be for ever, unless peter lives up to his word for once, and there is a moment like that in fable 3. Shame we PC users are waiting till the 29th of dec (My mate who runs the store I ordered it from said it was, lied o.o). I just hope they wont let games for windows bullcrap ruin it too much -_-

Oh yeah. And oblivion. But that was just beautiful cause of the voice acting the the graphics, (With graphic mods)

ty for reading. If you read it all.

yeah so lemme know what your best gaming moments and the most beautiful story lines/games you've ever played :)
and one more thing, I hope they do, like, a fable 2 the lost chapters for the PC or something like that.
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  1. Is this another hit 'n' run thread like your "5770 Vs 450" thread?
  2. No, sorry, its just my internet has been really bad atm, managed to submit reply after the 7th try -_-
  3. Out of all PC games, Baldur's Gate 2 was a very special experience. I even learned how to play one of Baldur's Gate 2 themes on piano by watching this video:
  4. The Mass Effect Series got it down perfectly for me. The Bioshock series are also great.

    The first time I played Halo 1 was also quite an experience. In fact, I have too many games in mind to answer this thread accurately =p
  5. my number 1 would be prince of persia the sands of time
  6. Half Life series (especially HL2), System Shock 2, Unreal and GTA 3

    On a more geek level, there was a platformer for the Commodore 64 that came about the same time Sonic did and it blew my mind - fast frame rates, responsive controls and parallax scrolling! On the C64!!

    Also, the Commodore 64 and Spectrum 128K ports of Street Fighter 2 blew my mind.
  7. Well for me I agree with the Mass Effects (more so 1 I think until the next one comes out to complete 2's storyline) and Bioshock 1 for definite, before reading your post I had the "beuty" of the garden level opening up which flat out on the pc was stunning at the time....

    However - having read what you meant I have to throw in Magic Carpet 1 (2 was just to easy.. but the cave levels were nice) simply as it had what no other game has ever had since or before - a totally new idea with very good music (so long as you had a gus or awe32/64) and it was all realtime on the cpu !. I suppose the story was a little weak but remember this was a 486 / v early pentium game and I really would pay again for an up to date version of that !.

    If I wanted to show my age even more I could bring up Driller on the Spectrum - again groundbreaking at the time but obv the sounds werent too great !.....

    Console games, well I really liked mario world as it was just fun and frustrating and then Wipeout 2097 as zipping about to the prodigy was just class.....

    All time fav......Original half life and original Unreal had good story and were massive games....and I really really enjoyed Freelancer as it was very very involving and had hours of gaming time - esp with the mods that came out (shame MS seems to have done their usual and dropped it like a hot rock)...BUT.....

    DUKE NUKEM ATOMIC EDITION.......nuff said.
  8. gelde3001 said:
    If I wanted to show my age even more I could bring up Driller on the Spectrum - again groundbreaking at the time but obv the sounds werent too great !......

    Don't forget Dark Side and Total Eclipse!
  9. SHHHHH !.......Im not that old yet ......sort of !>....but I should have mentioned Elite too, although technically freelancer was that and wing commanders rolled into one - actually wasnt Chris Roberts involved with Freelancer ?

    Thing is I can list off literally a hundred or more games I have really enjoyed playing on any platform, yes most on pc as its simply better and quality matters to me (no xbox or ps here) but for me Duke Nukem was just excellent as it had so many hidden extras / easter eggs it kept you into it even though it was really just a basic fps, and you cant fault the catch phrase's that were all the way thru it......I AINT AFRAID OF NO QUAKE.......ITS TIME TO KICK SOME ASS AND CHEW GUM....BUT IM ALL OUTTA GUM.....
  10. I played many games but i like some of them , u know i like game have something else but shooting & killing , for example i like game to have COMPLEX & great story , great quality & disign , lot of abilities . GAMES THAT makes me Confused , & make me to thinka bout it long time are these

    Horror : STALKER 1,2 & 3 , Metro 2033 , Devil Inside ,FEAR 2 , FallOut 3
    Space : Mass Effect 2
    War: COD 4, 5 & 6 & 7 ., Medal of honnor , BFBC Badcompany , Brothers in arms
    Action : splinter Cell 5 , batman arkham asaylum

    oh man i forgot them for now i will tell u later buit till now these are greatest games i have ever played .
  11. Its great to see what you have to say! I like metro and mass effect 2, nice games.
  12. Try rest of them . & let me remember alot more beautiful games . i will add FARCRY 2 , oh ARMA 2 is great too . i will remember more & report u . dont worry bro .
  13. k man :)
  14. call of duty (all parts)
  15. Hmm, I would have to say Dungeon Master on the Atari ST. Considering that before it came out in 1987, RPG PC gaming was stuff like King's Quest 1-3, etc, DM was a quantum leap in graphics, plot and scare factor when playing at 2AM in a darkened house (wooOOOOoooOOOOooo!) :D.

    Another game that comes to mind is Dungeon Siege for the fantastic and beautiful outdoor scenes, and yet another is Tomb Raider IV for the fantastic and beautifully-rendered interior scenes.
  16. From you first paragraph description, the first game(s) that come to mind is Half-Life. If 3 is ever released I am sure it will follow suit.
  17. Back in their day Links and Dungeon Siege were the prettiest games available.
  18. I must say, I loved the crysis campaign, it felt so meaningful, like you were really achieving something.
  19. Alex The PC Gamer said:
    The Mass Effect Series got it down perfectly for me. The Bioshock series are also great.

    The first time I played Halo 1 was also quite an experience. In fact, I have too many games in mind to answer this thread accurately =p

    Mass effect 2 was just great..the best game i played after half life series..
  20. My best game::
    overall:HALF LIFE2(including the orange box)Its the best game ever made..waiting for half life 3,Gta san andreas
    War:MOH(1st one),Modernwarfare 1 and 2
    scifi:Mass effect 2,deus ex..
    sports:Fifa(odd years,05,07,09....)
  21. And sorry i forgot..For the strategic games i would have voted age of empire till DRAGON AGE ORIGINS CAME OUT...

    Best gaming engine is BIOWARE(mass effect,dragon age)
  22. Oh i played COD 7 , it was very Great too ! i add it too ! oh did i forget to add Splinter Cell 5 & Stalker ( whole series ) ?
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