Creating booting flash disk

How can I creat a booting flash disk?
Thanks in advance
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  1. Open My Computer, right-click Floppy drive and choose Format, check the option <b>create MS-DOS startup disk</b>.
    Copy flash executable file (ie. awdflash.exe for Award BIOS) and updated BIOS file (usually comes as .BIN file) to your floppy drive.

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  2. Also, your Mobo manufacturer's web site should have instructions for you Mobo. Follow them to the "T" or risk causing more problems than you're trying to fix. I don't suggest that you flash your BIOS unless you are having problems, or if you have new hardware not currently supported by your BIOS. The web site should tell you what the upgrade will support.

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  3. I realy didn't clear my request.
    I have a flash disk (USB), I want to boot my PC using it.
    Thanks a lot, sorry for my english
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    There are a few links. More can be found by doing a google search for bootable pen drive, bootable flash drive, etc.

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  5. not all motherboards support this

    if this is for just one PC you might want to check before you go through the effort.
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