Do Oem Vista have to be activated before install of Win7

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Just wanted to ask if I have to activate Vista OEM 32 home before installing Windows 7 64 home RETAIL upgrade? The reason I am asking is that I am aware of Vista OEM limitation(only one mb). Since I will upgrade my hardware in the near future with i5 or i7 mb & cpu combo would mean that I will not be able to transfer my Vista OEM license to the new one therefore the retail win7 retail upgrade will is also be nullified ? If that is the case I will have to buy the Win7 64 RETAIL FULL version. I have legal copy of Vista OEM and I know that I will do have to do a clean install vs the in place one due to 32 to 64 OS switch.
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  1. No - Does not have to be activated
  2. Thanks Scotteq , I will get the win 7 retail upgrade version on 10/22 . I have been googling this question as this seem like it goes against my OEM Vista license.
  3. To upgrade your current version needs to be activated, which will fail on the new hardware as you are aware.
    You will need to purchase a full version, as you know the OEM is not transferable.
    Whether you get the OEM or full retail is up to you. Or you can buy Vista Home Premium 64bit from Newegg now with free upgrade coupon to Windows 7 for $109.99 with free shipping.
  4. Jonmor68, so your saying Vista OEM has to be activated first before installing Win7 retail. Thought I was going to save a few bucks for the hardware upgrade .
  5. At this point I think I will hold off on purchasing Win7 until the actual retail copy arrives and the installation rules has been explained/confirmed . I have a retail XP on one esata drive and an OEM Vista on another esata drive . I want to prep the Vista disk but hesitant due OEM license with a near mb upgrade in the horizon . The XP disk I don't want to touch as it is fully working with everything and continues to be my workhorse . I am hoping Win7 will be like xp installation , where it just ask for the old cd(Win Me)that was the best ever .
  6. I am stupid ...... Please disregard/close this thread.

    It just occured to me that I should just nuke the OEM vista esata disk and install my retail xp over it then go to win7 upgrade from there . The OEM hassle will be gone , I will have a dedicated xp and win7-64 esata disk. I feel good now...
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