How does the "upgrade" part of this work

So I'm a little confused on what they mean by "upgrade" and want to see if someone can explain it a little better for me.

It sounds like you can do a clean install of Windows 8 using the upgrade, but that you need a registered version of Windows 7 to do so. Fine. When you do that clean install, do you actually format the hard drive and truly get a clean install using the Win8 files? Or are there little bits of your old Win7 install floating around?

Call me old fashioned, but I've always just preferred to get the full, retail version and install it on my home machine. Something reassuring about starting from scratch.
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    I recreated my partition and reformatted prior to install; so it's a true clean install
  2. To use an "upgrade" version you will need a qualifying predecessor, namely XP sp3, Vista or W7. However if W8 is like W7 you're suppose to install it from the desktop of one of those OSs. Once the install begins the computer is rebooted and installed from scratch.
  3. Thanks, guys. Just what I was looking for.
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