* arcania gothic 4 * reviews are in

You have to translated them
The Computec Media sites and mags posted their reviews.
on the other thinks Arcania has a compelling story without fantasy cliches, there's some real roleplaying and enough "Gothic" left. Therefore the game receives good 80%.
tested the XBox version. They think Arcania is "a good action-RPG for roleplaying newbies. But the graphics in the XBox version are so horrible that even the good content [...] can hardly compensate [quick & dirty translation; Ed.] for the technological weaknesses." Their fun was worth 7.5/10.
posted an abridged version of the same article. Less article, less fun. So this time Arcania (XBox 360) only deserved 73%.
PC Games
gives 79% and thinks it's no real Gothic but quite okay for people only looking for a solid RPG. "A lot was promised, not much delivered." The story is weak, the quests boring and the game short.
Austrian mag Gamers.
at writes "Arcania is [...] a good but not very good RPG" if you can ignore its Gothic roots. They speculate that a lot of content has been cut in the second half - a whole city is unused - and a quick add-on might be on the way. - 79%

well its mixed reviews, as i thought it would be. Ill wait for two worlds 2 now

also System requirements and graphics comparison

and.... As Community Manager Reinhard "Megalomaniac" , announced the official release of Arcania is tomorrow a patch that will improve the performance appear:
This is because in the master version of the full version not the final optimization steps are incorporated.
Due to the fact that we will release a 12th planned, we could not do more on Time to get ready. We have disabled the Release Check only, so you can use your newly purchased product as well.
Please wait until Tuesday, if you have any problems. We will take care of all problems of this kind.
Presumably the patch will be available via the update function of Arcania.
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  1. a gothic game is dumbed down, what happened to the world.

    thanks for the reviews sirkillalot, I might have to wait for two worlds II and fallout las vegas, also do you know if they planning risen 2
  2. im not sure on risen i did see some old news on elder scrools 5 for nexted year ,cant wait
    im also waiting on 2 worlds 2, looks very good
  3. yeah I saw your post on how huge the maps is, this game is gonna be great.

    also have you read this http://twoworldsvault.ign.com/View.php?view=GameInfo.Detail&id=12
  4. great looking pics, I hope this game give my PC a run for its money lol.
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