Buy console + moniter or full-ish upgrade of desktop for new games?


I'm looking for the best way to play some of this years new game's. At the moment I've got a laptop which is a year old, plays cod4 on lowest setting fairly well, but it's not great. i also have a desktop which is 5-6 years old which i can reuse stuff like the harddrive, dvd-drive etc. The monitor i currently play on is 1280x1024.

My question is should i just buy a console and a new hdmi monitor (to play in hd res, i don't own a tv/don't watch it) or should i upgrade my desktop to a decent spec and stick with 1280x1024 res. both options will work out at about £400-£500.

I've already got ideas for components, had a bit of experience cause i built the desktop myself.

Another thing is the cost of games. i've got 4-5 pc games that i'd like to play but currently aren't able to, most are cross platform though. will they look as good on the pc (with maxed settings) compared to a console though the pc will be a lower res?
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  1. Hmm, buying a console will be cheaper than PC, also there's no need to upgrade components in case newer games come.

    Well anyway, what's your ideas for PC build?
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