Board fried? Crazy stuff happening

Weird stuff has been happening. I have a asus a8n-sli deluxe. The northbridge fan started making loud noises a few days ago. Today I found that the fan was not spinning. I had been running battlefield 2 for several hours before making this discovery, and the heatsink for the NB was HOT when I touched it.

Also, some weird thing happened to the audio for my comp. I'm using an audigy 2zs. Middle frequency sounds suddenly became extremely soft. Any sounds within a certain frequency range were almost inaudible. Sound card/speaker problem? Or is this related to my overheated chipset?

I'm worried that the chipset is possibly damaged, perhaps causing the sound problems. I haven't noticed any other issues. I've ordered a new chipset fan, but is my chipset fried? Do you think the audio problem may be related? What are signs that the chipset is physically damaged? Thanks.
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  1. Na. Your chipset should be ok. I disconnected my chipset fan, and the temps only rose 2-3 degrees celcius. For the sound, it could be simply a bad connection. Try reseating your sound card on the mobo and check all connections.
  2. It is remotely possible, but rather unlikely. Test a usb device. They are usually the first to go.
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