Basic Patch Instructions for Fallout 3 (Original Version)

Hey all, I'm sure this sounds like a silly question, but I have been searching around for a while now with no luck. Just did a clean upgrade to Win 7 Ultimate 64bit and decided to dust off my copy of Fallout 3. I correctly assumed that since I haven't played in a long time there would be patches. However, I can find a series of about 5 patches, ending in 1.7. What I can't find is information on if I need to run each patch in order, or just run the 1.7 patch.

(I'm also having some issues with it locking up, but wanted to be sure that hadn't already been fixed with a patch)

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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  1. This is what you want:

    Link Source found here:

    When the game developer only offers the latest path (and doesn't offer you to download them all individually) it's a good sign you don't need them all. :) Besides, if you try to install a patch that's not compatible it'll usually tell you just that.

    Happy gaming!
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